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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

There is potential, but people always like the next draft and hate the current one, other than the Lebron draft maybe. Literally every year. So I feel you have to temper the expectations. Some guys may stay in school like what happened last year. I don't think guys like Henson or Zeller go before the 20s this year, so not all of those guys are exactly amazing. Some guys may show flaws that were previously unrealized. It does have some exciting potential right now though.

I like some of the players in next years draft, but with where the Pistons are likely to be slated, I wouldn't put any special value on it over your average year. I'm done with rebuilding. If we can bring in a veteran starter while dumping a SG and we have to give up a 1st to close the deal, I give it up in an instant personally.

I'm not in love with Leonard. I see him about halfway between Ariza and G.Wallace. Good starter for 10 years, maybe never an All Star. Not going to create offense much or anything IMO. However, SA obviously values him and I tihnk its clear they're willing to dump Jefferson.
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