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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I've always tried to judge the draft for the talent it has. Everybody tried to say 2009 was a bad draft (outside of Griffin) and I didn't believe that for a second. I'm the guy who edges out a first place in my fantasy leagues just by the couple of rookies I grab. I knew Tyreke and Stephen would be good. I'm the guy who grabbed them before the season started and people thought I was crazy. I'm not trying to compare fantasy bball to the court, but I just want to make the point that I'm not the guy who thinks the next draft is always better. You can bookmark the thread, and refer back to it if you want. I'm certain next years draft will produce not just more all-stars but more good players in the league. This years draft was about PG's outside of the top 4 or 5 guys. I'll give that to this draft class, there's some nice PG's. I can't remember the last time a great PG won a championshp though.... This year, Jason Kidd was far out of his prime. The previous two years, Fisher was getting killed by younger PG's. Before that Rondo was a rookie who was learning the ropes. The year before that was white chocolate even considered elite, ever? Good but not one of the best....

I think it's awesome we have a good PG now. It was one of the guys I had my eye one. Next year will be more of an overall draft. I'm sure you see the importance of having extremely good players at other positions. We have Monroe, we need a top flight SF or PF. It's not coming through a trade or free agency. Whatever happens there will be another good player. If you watch the Joe D & Tom Gores videos it seems to make more sense. Gores seems to think he can just put a team together that will contend. Joe D doesn't want him to announce that to the public yet. He knows it's going to take a bit more. I'm all about Gores enthusiasm. I'm more about Joe D doing the right thing, which he has again with the draft. He's also specifically said he wants to put more young pieces around this core (which means not trading for veterans). Let's give him one more (excellent) draft before we're impatient. The 2012 draft is the one that can turn us around. Free agency isn't going to work for us. The draft is our friend.
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