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Default Re: Why do some GMs appear to be so dumb?

Yeah.. Peja signed for the vet minimum or something.

I think the most frustrating 'building process' to have dealt with over the past 5-7 years were the Suns. They had the 06-07 team that were tied 2-2 with the Spurs and then got dealt bullshit suspensions and ended up losing a close game 5 and 6. Most people regarded them as the runnerups to that year. So what does the front office do?

Pay (literally with picks and cash) teams to take:
Kurt Thomas - One of their main rotational players and their best post defender, one they needed for Duncan.
James Jones - Another one of their rotational players who was a good shooter and solid defender.

These were moves I criticized from the start. I COULD NOT believe that they were blowing up critical parts of such a successful team just to save money when your team is so close to contention with an ever closing window to win.

Then midway through the next season they panic over not having enough post presence and trade Marion/Banks for Shaq. When this trade was being rumoured my cousin and I were highly against it. After the trade was done I was iffy and willing to look at the coming results as Marion had always been inconsistent in the playoffs anyways and frequently dissapeared against an defensively aggressive Spurs team.

The trade bombs. They lose early in the playoffs and Shaq turns out to be a cancer, not that he did not show it in LA and MIA but he brought those teams championships so all was forgiven. From this day on, I always laugh at any team who traded FOR Shaq (I'm looking at YOU Cleveland/Boston). Okay fine, Steve Kerr took a gamble and it failed; it happens. He gets rid of Shaq and publicly states that as a good team there are times to realize when you are no longer in contention and to pull the trigger on rebuilding.

Except the ****ing jackass doesn't. He continues to make trades to make the Suns reminiscent of the 05-06 team (Nash's second MVP year) and the team overachieves, sweeping the Spurs in the semis and losing to the Lakers in 6.

Kerr steps down, having ruined the best Nash Suns team and failing to truly rebuild. The next moron who comes in does not resign Amare (because they want to rebuild) but hands out 3 other contracts to mediocre players that more than covered Stoudemire's contract.

So now they are not good enough to get into the playoffs and not bad enough to rebuild. They are mired in mediocrity, wasting the last couple years of Nash's career. What more? THEY'RE SADDLED IN CONTRACTS. I feel bad for Nash but he enjoys his life in Phoenix and enjoys playing Hill and company. I'm also glad that Phoenix will suck for the next 8 years and never sniff another good team for ****ing over their own team and and fans in the most frustrating way possible.

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