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Default Re: Jennings to be traded ?

Originally Posted by wally_world
Beno and Livingston can both see some time at SG. And honestly, Boykins should be a 3rd stringer at best. I think the PG rotation is fine as it is now.

Also, i have a feeling Jenning's efficiency will take a turn for the better this season, now that the Bucks added a big scorer in SJax.

you could be right about that , but I saw 50% of the time Jennings looked for his shot and ignored his teammates.
How do think a JAx veteran will take that

Salmon's in many games got the ball and got the rest of the teammates involved and in many games had more dimes than Jennings
That was a first in Salmon's career.

Alpha Jennings isn't a good fit , and you'll see why when beno starts getting major minutes down the stretch.
If Livingston continues his progression he might average 10 minutes again , and I then see Jennings down to 20-25 minutes a game. What a perfect time for him to be traded , and maybe that is what the Bucks will do during the season, less minutes hope his value goes up and then a trade
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