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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Jazz could have found themselves in the same position as Denver if they had of waited another year to trade Williams. While I do agree O'Connor should have shopped him more, the fact he got Favors and 2 high draft picks for him was a good deal for a team that needed to rebuild. Put them ahead of other rebuilding teams like Toronto (Cleveland lucked out with the Davis deal).

You can say Denver were patient, but they were still trying to resign Melo and were also in the situation where Melo had more power because if he didn't get traded where he wanted to, he wasn't going to resign, which lowered his trade value significantly. Nuggets lucked somewhat out because NY (Or Dolan at least) got anxious and threw the extra pieces at them, rather then playing hardball like that had earlier.

So you don't trade Williams for another year, then you're in a position where he's an upcoming FA and says he only wants an extension with teams X, Y or Z. You think they didnt get enough for him now, see what you'd get offered for him now. He was never going to resign, now they got Favors, Kanter (who seems genuinely excited to be playing in Utah) and whatever else they get from the GS pick.
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