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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Jazz could have found themselves in the same position as Denver if they had of waited another year to trade Williams.

Nobody's saying wait another year. They could have let other teams know to at least make NJ give up more which they certainly would have. It was a lot less than they were ready to give Denver for Carmelo and Deron is the better player regardless of the hype.

Put them ahead of other rebuilding teams like Toronto (Cleveland lucked out with the Davis deal).

Maybe? Sounds like Toronto might have gotten the best player in the draft when all is said and done.

(Cleveland lucked out with the Davis deal).

Being stuck with Baron isn't exactly what I call lucky.

He was never going to resign

Depends on how the team was doing? He was traded when he was more because of the fact that he drove their beloved Sloan into retirement than his eventual free agency.,

now they got Favors, Kanter (who seems genuinely excited to be playing in Utah) and whatever else they get from the GS pick.

And all the other high picks of their own they will get because they might suck for a long time. Next year is the best draft since 2003!!!
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