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Default Re: Bucks draft picks since Tractor Traylor

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
david noel was an overrated piece of crap just like all them other crappy players on that north carolina team. sean may was a big bust, marvin williams never lived up to expectations of him as a player,raymon felton is okay, but is reduced to trade bait now, where in the hell is rasha mccant?, and jawad williams was even wack in college. that north carolina team from the mid 2000s gotta be the most overrated north carolina college team of all time.

Wow, are you stupid.

There was exactly ONE UNC team from the mid and early 2000's that ever were considered great, and that was the 2005 team. That team won the national championship and, in no way, were they overrated.

The only reason May hasn't ever been able to get his NBA career on track is due to his inability to keep his weight down. McCants showed flashes of being a great scoring two-guard but his other issues have essentially gotten him black-balled from the league. Ray Felton has turned into a very solid starting PG. Marving Williams (and a lot of UNC fans will tell you this) never should have gone #2 in that draft. He's not necessarily a good NBA player but he's in the NBA nonetheless. You do realize that the MAJORITY of every single college basketball champion had only 1 or 2 players that turned into superstar NBA players. It's not like every other national champ of the last 15-20 years had 4 or 5 future NBA all-star or even fringe all-star caliber players.

God, I hope you're trolling. If not then you really are quite stupid.
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