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The Suns and the other NBA teams are waiting for the end of the lockout to start making moves. That is why no team was willing to trade a pick even with Vince Carter's instant 14 millions off the books. If the lockout lasts throughout the season then that 14 millions off the books would be useless so that's why teams are waiting for the CBA. I would want a trade that involves Steve Nash for Shumpert and Billups so we can start rebuilding. I wonder if we can get someone or a draft pick for Aaron Brooks. Hopefully more teams are still interested in Brooks. The crappy part is that we have to wait until the lockout ends before some moves will be done. That 23rd pick we gave away might have helped up moved up the draft a couple of spots or we could have used that pick to draft Marshon Brooks. I hope we can go after Nick Young or JR Smith! Go Suns!
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