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Default Re: Bucks draft picks since Tractor Traylor

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Who are some of the notable players that they passed on and were taken afterwards?

1998: Like it's already been said, I think that the Bucks deal with Dallas had been done before the draft and Tractor Traylor was "their guy" in that draft. But....

10. Paul Pierce
25. Al Harrington
34. Rashard Lewis
41. Cuttino Mobley

1999: Didn't have a 1st round pick. They had Phoenix's 1st round pick (18th overall) but traded it to Denver who took James Posey.

They took Galen Young in the 2nd round (48th overall) and you can't call a mid-2nd round pick a bust or bad pick. Of course Manu did go 57th overall in that draft...second to last pick.

2000: Considering how terrible the 2000 draft class was, turning their 1st round pick (15th overall) Jason Collier into Joel Przybilla actually wasn't terrible. I mean Przybilla has never been able to stay healthy but at least he's been a decent reserve center for 11 seasons while Collier was out of the league in five years. They did get Michael Redd in the 2nd round.

However....(Milwuakee had the 15th pick)

16. Hedo Turkoglu
18. Quentin Richardson
19. Jamaal Maglorie

2001: Andre Hutson was the 57th pick in the draft, which means you can't call it a bad pick or a bust. They did have the 22nd pick of the draft via Houston but traded it Orlando. Orlando picked the immortal Jerryl Sasser. For shi** and giggles, say they had kept the 22nd pick (which they got from Houston)....

25. Gerald Wallace
28. Tony Parker
30. Gilbert Arenas
37. Mehmet Okur

2002: Took Marcus Haislip 13th overall...

23. Tayshaun Prince
35. Carlos Boozer

That draft sucked balls, too.

2003: Took Ford 8th, which may not have been a bad pick if he didn't start his career off with injury problems.

18. David West
27. Kendrick Perkins
29. Leandro Barbosa
29. Josh Howard
47. Mo Williams

On another note, the 2003 draft is noted for it's incredibly strong top picks, but it actually produced some average or even solid NBA players who went in the 2nd round: Jason Kapono, Luke Walton, Steve Blake, Willie Green, Zaza Pachulia, Keith Bogans, Matt Bonner, James Jones, and Kyle Korver.

2005: Bogut wasn't a bad pick but it looks bad since they took him #1 overall and players like Chris Paul, Deron Williams went #3 and #4.


11. Andrew Bynum
17. Danny Granger
30. David Lee

2006: Again, 2nd round pick in Noel, can't really criticize a team's second round pick. The Hornets did use Milwaukee's 1st round pick (15th overall) to take Cedric Simmons, though.

That's up thru 2006. Someone else can go through the other drafts if they want, but it's getting to the point it's still a little too early to tell if some players from the 2007-2010 drafts will pan out.
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