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Default Re: Welcome Marshon Brooks, Bojan Bogdanović, and Jordan Williams to the Nets!

Originally Posted by gigantes
nice to see them holding up nightskirts, but when are they going to get some actual jerseys?

but brooks' bowtie FTW!


let's make this interesting-

i'm going on record right now to say that brooks will be a bust. after two full seasons, if he becomes merely a sixth man on a playoff team, then i'll gladly eat crow and suffer any reasonable wager.

brooks, to me, is a loser, and the type of player i despise- a good gunner who sucks at all other areas of the game, owner of a lousy attitude, which means he's never likely to improve much. the NBA garbage heap is filled to overflowing with knuckleheads such as him.

king did very nicely this draft, considering how meager his picks were, but the first thing i would do if i were him is to trade brooks for any good NBA asset.

do it soon, while brooks' stock is high. don't advertise it as an attempt to get rid of brooks, but as an attempt to get some other player, causing the nets to 'reluctantly' throw in brooks. that's the right way to bullshit, and selling bullshit is one of the most important aspects of a GM's job.
25th pick a bust? I guess you are saying that for all the hype
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