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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Yeah, so far it's Davis & Barnes that look like the top 2 prospects. Of course much can change over a season. I really want to see Davis play at the collegiate level. His ceiling is like what you mentioned Nastradamus. He is a bit lanky though and that could go bad for him too. He kind of has an Austin Daye type build, which is a bit scary for the PF position in the NBA. The thing with Davis is he is a more physical player and he does look like he'll fill out a bit.

A lot depends on whether we keep Tay or not too. There's a bunch of stud SF's in next years draft, especially right at the top. Perry Jones and Quincy Miller are there and then you have guys like Michael Gilchrest, Adonis Thomas, and Terrence Jones too. There's a part of me that thinks Tay might walk and we might end up drafting a SF next year. I'd like to see us make a trade that brings us another first round pick next year. Imagine getting one of those SF's and a big man (because there's a lot of those too). One things for sure next year, we won't have to worry about European players that could be busts I'm glad we got our PG this year too, because next year there won't be as many. We can focus on those other positions and potentially add a star player and have guys like Jerebko, Daye, and BG (maybe) coming off the bench and end up being a really deep team. We need to trade for draft picks and not players that just get us a few more wins but not to the next level.
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