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Default Re: Kobe/Wade or Kobe/LBJ Instead of LBJ/Wade?

Kobe compliments both Wade and Bron well.

Wade and Bron don't provide as much spacing as Kobe could provide for them since Kobe is a better shooter. Also, Kobe hasn't been a spot up shooter through his career, but I'm sure he would adjust just fine playing alongside playmakers like Wade and Bron.

I would rank:


I don't like Kobe and Wade as much because the pairing wouldn't have as much defensive versatility that Lebron would provide.

Kobe and Bron would probably be the most potent because I believe Kobe playing off the ball in the MJ role would be extremely potent because of his shooting ability. Bron is a better playmaker and scorer than Pippen and would make life really easy for Kobe. The same would go for Kobe making Bron's life easier since he would provide more spacing than Wade could.
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