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Default Re: Welcome Marshon Brooks, Bojan Bogdanović, and Jordan Williams to the Nets!

Originally Posted by wang4three
Also, my Illinois bias is telling me we should sign Demetri McCamey. Deron can be a great mentor for him. He would've been a first rounder if he played with consistency. He's a big point guard with great vision..He really could learn a lot from watching Deron play for one or two years.
this is the kind of move / signing we should be making IMO.

as we all know, it is crucial to please d-will, crucial to stock the team with young prospects, and crucial to take some chances in a poor draft year. especially while we're at the bottom, owning a fairly efficient salary structure.

Originally Posted by Nets fan 93
25th pick a bust? I guess you are saying that for all the hype

also, because i've seen so many players come into the league with great offensive skills and little else, only to rapidly burn out of the league. a lot of that because so many nut-huggers (pardon my french) told them too many times that they were great, eventually ruining their attitudes, preventing them from ever being the players that they could. i don't think i need to mention any names.

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
You basically traded out Terrence WIlliams to get Brooks. Is that an upgrade? Not sure it is. Williams looked awful this past year, but the 2nd half of his rookie year he looked strong. Like a young Larry Hughes or something.
not sure your trade facts are right. looks like the t-will trade pick is next year.

regardless, i myself regret the t-will trade. that is a guy with the unique skills to be a champion, even before he one day works on his ball-handling and shooting. IMO he's not so much a bad seed as he is an unusual person, and it would have been worth it if we'd hired a counsellor or someone to translate between his world and the regular NBA, so to speak.

i see a lot of similarities between him and a ron artest-type, or possibly a dennis rodman. 'unusual' does not necessarily mean 'bad', and terrence was pretty-much the first victim of AJ's famous lack of tolerance and flexibility.

a lot of my pessimism on moore is due to the fact that i don't trust AJ to handle him well. fact is, i don't trust AJ to develop young players or lead a team to a championship.

let's hope i'm just wrong and pessimistic.
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