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Default Re: lebron and wade are overrated

Omg, get outta here folks. I don't like Wade whatsoever and hope he never wins another ring, but to pretend like the dude isn't a premier guard is bananas. I hate to admit it, but the guy puts in some shots that i feel like only Kobe (of today's players) can make. I don't like his crash and burn type of game though.

As for Lebron, be real, folks. If this guy was taken #10 overall and wasn't being labeled the GOAT before he ever signed an NBA contract and glorified by the media as the baby jesus of basketball, no one would be calling him overrated. The dude has performed exceptionally throughout his career. Sure his offense is a bit one dimensional, but no one can deny he's effective 95% of the season. Is he a main event closer? Probably not, but the dude is far from overrated in terms of his basketball resume. While he's embraced the persona created by the media for him, it's not as if the dude hasn't put up the numbers to show he's pretty damn good.

I dare anyone to name a SF better than Lebron playing in the NBA today.

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