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Default Re: Will NENE Really Opt Out???

I'll really respect him if he does. He's guaranteed 11.6 mill next season. Denver would probably give him a 3-4 year deal with him making 10-12 mill a year I imagine. With the CBA talks he could be looking at a completely different contract. Plus I doubt any other team throws 11.6 mill at him but haven't really checked who has cap space. A team like NJ? In Denver he'd get the ball just as much and it's not like Denver isn't poised to at the very least make the playoffs.

If he really dislikes Denver you'd think he'd either A. Cash in his 11.6 mill this year and than hit the new free agency next year or B. Extend with Denver and just force his way out if he really doesn't want to be here.

His fiance his from Denver too pretty sure. Looking like if he does .. it could just straight up be to win a championship. Witch strikes me as odd because never really seen that fire in him personally. Gotta love a dude who wants to win and doesn't care about the money tho, if that is the case. Could just really dislike Denver\management\Karl
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