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Default Re: Will NENE Really Opt Out???

Originally Posted by FourthTenor

Dude, the reason he would opt out would simply to get a new guaranteed deal worth a total of 30-40 million rather than start next season with only 11 million guaranteed to him and risk any kind of freak event that could end his career.

You take the money in hand. That's all.

You're reading way too much into it.

True. I was just under the impression that him and Denver can't work anything out. Doubt Denver's offering anything less than 10-11 mill. Pretty sure there was an article aways back saying they were trying to get a 3-4 year at 10-12 mill a year deal done.

When he becomes a UFA next year couldn't the contract be waay different? He could be looking at making 6-7 mill a year, no? If things drastically change. So if he wants the cash he could have just extended with Denver ... wouldn't that ultimately be the smartest choice money wise?. Isn't that why Carmelo forced his way to NY and didn't just hit the FA market like Nene is about too, because you could potentially lose all that cash?.

Maybe I'm missing something

Looks like he opted out tho.
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