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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Worst team in the league potential? Hardly. Some of you guys are ridiculous.

I'd call it realistic. Even before they gave their superstar away and Sloan skipped town they were struggling to make the playoffs. After that they were certainly in the running for worst team in the league. How do u see that changing?

Now they have the most unproven and understaffed coaching in the league including the worst lead assistant and no one to teach their young bigs.

They got even younger which doesn't generally lead to getting better. They have no proven stars which makes it hard to compete for the playoff spot in the west that you are talking about. They are loaded at one position with holes everywhere else.

Their 2 best players are known for not making teams better

Millsap is the kind of guy any team would be lucky to have as far as I'm concerned.

their 2-4 best young players may not be ready to contribute and their production from the 2/3 will be amongst the worst in the league most likely. They don't have a backup PG, Okur may not play and AK and Fesenko may be goners.

Okur and Fessenko being gone would be the good news. You forgot to mention their lack of a center.

Like or hate those last 2, without them this is likely the worst defensive team in the league.

Fessenko is a defensive stopper? LOL!

Harris is solid, but their D at the 2,3 and 4 is going to be AWFUL and possibly the 5 too unless Favors really gets it going.

I'm more interested to see if Corbin can bring anything from all of his other experiences in the league and do a better job of coaching D than Sloan did.

it's crazy to think that we're going to be worse than Charlotte and Toronto.

They appear to be in the same place to me except that they get to play in the weaker east and Silas is a proven winner.
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