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Default Re: Welcome Marshon Brooks, Bojan Bogdanović, and Jordan Williams to the Nets!

I say give Brooks a chance. From what I heard, he had to shoulder a lot of the burden scoring wise in his senior year of college. And the dude still shot a decent 48% from the field. On the Nets, he will not have to do the 1-on-1 stuff with Deron as head honcho facilitating everything.

And as far as his defense, I'm not too worried about that. I'm more worried about our starting center's defense and rebounding which need vast improvement and is much more vital to the team's success.

We have bigger fish to fry than to worry about the 25th pick of an already weak draft. We have to get some real talent on this team to satisfy Deron and I doubt it's going to hinge on Marshon Brooks. Whatever he can provide to our pathetic excuse of a wing will be icing on the cake.

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