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Default owners perspective on lockout

im obv not an owner, but let me give you this example.. I see a lot of people saying man, owners would lose more money by there being no basketball, its their fault their team loses money, their fault they give bad contracts etc. So let me come in from a wide angle,

30 teams in the NBA, lets go crazy and say that 10 of them are in good bball cities, sell tickets and jerseys, the team makes money. That leaves 20 owners of 20 teams that lose money every single year. Now how many of these owners are involved in their team in a mark cuban, jerry buss type level? How many of these owners look at owning the team more than just a business decision? Not many, not many at all.

So here you are, an owner who bought a team for cheap 10 years ago when it was not making any money. You got lucky in the draft, you got a solid player. You made some money for a few years. He got injured. Or you didn't even get lucky in the draft at all, you had no one. You're in a small market, you have a choice of 3 GMs who will make all the decisions for you because you don't know basketball. The GMs aren't very good either. They suck it up, you lose millions every year they make bad decisions. You can't get a good GM or a good coach because you're a bad team in a bad place.

What do you do? You're the owner of an NBA team. You walk away with your 250 million dollars to invest it in a better business, you ask for a new deal so you give yourself some breathing room and if not then you just do option 1, or you tough it losing millions every year until you become a top level team. You are the owner of the bucks, of the pistons, of the raptors, of the wizards, of the twolves or kings? What would you do?

I understand we are all on this big bad owners bandwagon but lets be real, the NBA side of this argument is right. There are only 5 teams that can win a championship in any year, 10 teams that can actually make the owner money. Why should the other 20 owners take it in the butt by a player that was good one year and sucked the next?
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