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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

I personally ike the trade as a Cavaliers fan. I felt they needed to move one of their big men, and with drafting Thompson while having Hickson it made a lot of people go, "What the hell?". Hopefully Thompson can fill in Hickson's role and have a decent rookie season (if there is a season).

I like Casspi. He's not a star or anything like that, but he's a solid SF. In his limited minutes the past two seasons he's pretty much averaged 10/5 in 25 minutes of play. And that's a huge upgrade from Alonzo freakin' Gee. He's also a solid shooter from three. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a top 5 pick next year? You never know.
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