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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

Originally Posted by Meticode
I personally ike the trade as a Cavaliers fan. I felt they needed to move one of their big men, and with drafting Thompson while having Hickson it made a lot of people go, "What the hell?". Hopefully Thompson can fill in Hickson's role and have a decent rookie season (if there is a season).

I like Casspi. He's not a star or anything like that, but he's a solid SF. In his limited minutes the past two seasons he's pretty much averaged 10/5 in 25 minutes of play. And that's a huge upgrade from Alonzo freakin' Gee. He's also a solid shooter from three. Maybe we'll get lucky and get a top 5 pick next year? You never know.

they could've gotten WAY more value than what they got. i don't think people are giviing JJ enough credit here for how well he played last year, and the huge jump forward he took. a lot seem to be judging him on prior years where he was still considered arguably a bust. he was on another level of play last year and what really is puzzling is they were waiting for a long time for him to get it, he finally does, and then they trade him for peanuts.

they didn't even HAVE to draft Tristan there but granted they did which again is on them if he doesn't end up the player JJ becomes, or better.

imo they should've just held on to him next year then try to trade him for better value. its not like they're in a rush more than rebuilding. i'd be shocked if the Cav's don't look stupid in hindsight from this trade.
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