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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

Originally Posted by Meticode
The reason we think it's a decent trade is because we felt there was a log-jam at PF with two undersized PFs. When we Thompson got traded we figured, "Well, if it's him we gotta move someone at PF." Plus, I'm all for cutting ties to the LeBron-era anyway.

yeah but thats the logjam they created. in essence they chose Tristan over JJ, when they could've very easily drafted someone at any other position with the #4 pick. its not like Tristan was a no brainer forced pick there. they created that dilemma...but i guess they think Tristan will end up better than JJ and i guess they'll face the backlash if things don't pan out with these bold moves(especially the Kings trade).

i'm not hating on the Tristan pick nearly as much as the Sac trade. i had JJ on my fantasy team last year and i watched the Cav's a lot, in fact i sort of became fans of them since they were such underdogs every game, and JJ is WAY better than a lot of people are giving him credit for. he was a beast on the boards, was really good when his J was on, and seriously beasted.

whats done is done. i guess it just amounts to seeing what happens...

oh and yeah i definitely don't blame you for wanting to clean house from the Lebron era. i'll never forgive Mo and a lot of the previous lebron teammates still on the Cav's for how sorry they played when they played Miami that first game. its way worse that they're always giving Lebron crazy respect too, even after he's walking all over them. its just a sad sight to see, and i can't even imagine how pissed i'd be if i were a true Cav's homer.

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