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Default Re: TRADE! Kings trade Omri Casspi, pick to Cavaliers for JJ Hickson

Originally Posted by boozehound
I saw enough of him to see that he was coming into his own. I also recognize that he is still not all that great, despite his improvement. This idea that he is near star level is insane. Dude isnt even one of the top 15 (or maybe even 25) pf's in the league.

My point is, regardless of his improvement last year, its not like the cavs didnt bother to assess his value with the rest of the league before making this trade.

he's borderline star, and on the road he's on, he'll be one. i stand by that. mark my words. a lot of you i swear either didn't watch him much last year or were watching something completely different than i was. I'd say he's in the top 15 PF's in the league EASY.

and if he were in this draft class, based on last years performance, he'd be the #1 overall pick.

And its absolutely absurd for anyone to say Casspi is the better player, let alone a GM. thats crazy talk.

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