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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Bano114
I was starting to hate getting up to Danearys chapters because of how boring they have been so far in book 3, but this last chapter I just read was intense.

I just finished a Dany Chapter:

She just bought an army of the Unsullied Eunachs. She gets more interesting once Jorah smacks the kiss on her. And her crew is getting more interesting.

I feel like a lot of book two is going to be skimmed over, and some of book three will be crammed into the second season. Particularly (totally spoilers):

The Dany story of her wandering through the red waste is something I can totally see being shortened severely on TV. And parallelly, season one ended with the Dark Watch leaving castle black, but that goes probably 5 chapters long, maybe a hundred pages, before they even reach Craster. That too I could see being trimmed severely. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they reach Craster by episode two of the second season. And all the time they spend on the Fist could be trimmed as well. Book two has a very distinct ending that I'm sure will hold for season two. The chain and the pyromancers flames I'm sure will conclude the story for King's Landing. But I wouldn't be at all surprised if Dany and Jon's stories get pressed well into book three to conclude season two. Jon maybe right up to the point of joining Mance Raider after killing the halfhand. Or maybe as far as assault on the Fist by the White Walkers.
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