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Originally Posted by Bano114
major arya spoiler in white

she eventually ends up in braavos and starts training to become a faceless man. can't wait to read the next book arya is gonna be bad ass

from wiki: Faceless Men
The Guild of the Faceless Men is a religious society of assassins who worship the Many-Faced God, a god of death.


The Guild originated in the volcanic slave mines of Valyria. Their founder came to believe that Valyria's diverse slave population all prayed to the same god of death in many different incarnations. The Guild believes that the death gods of all religions are faces of a single, Many-Faced God. In the Guild's House of Black and White, followers wear black and white robes and perform religious duties for the community, such as tending to the dead. The House contains a public shrine with idols of many death gods, including the Stranger of the Seven, but there are no formal services. Some visiting worshipers drink from a black cup that provides a painless death. A phrase associated with the cult of the Many-Faced God is "valar morghulis," translated from Valyrian as "all men must die"; a response to this is "valar dohaeris, or "all men must serve."


Followers of Him of Many Faces consider death to be a merciful end to suffering. For a price, the Guild will agree to kill anyone in the world, considering this contract killing to be a sacrament of their god. An elite group of followers within the Guild, called the Faceless Men, are trained to perform this task. Despite their name, Faceless Men are occasionally women. They possess magical abilities that allow them to change their appearance at will. Part of their training includes discarding their true identity and thinking of themselves as "no one". They use a variety of methods to kill their targets, including a poison called "the strangler".[1] The cost of their services depends on the prominence and security of the target. It was thought that if the Seven Kingdoms were to hire a Faceless Man for Daenerys Targaryen, it would cost as much as the hiring of an army.

Faceless Men identities

A Kindly Man seems to have some position of authority in the Guild, as he is the one who takes charge of Arya Stark's training. A Waif works in the House of Black and White handling poisons. Though she is 36 years old, she has a shrunken and childlike appearance brought about by exposure to poisons. Several more Faceless Men are seen by Arya at the House of Black and White. She describes them as "fat fellow," "stern face," "handsome face," "squinter," "lordling", and "starved man." A Faceless Man passing himself off as a Lorathi criminal named Jaqen H'ghar became a recruit of the Night's Watch, then joined the Brave Companions before changing his identity. A man calling himself the Alchemist poisoned Novice Pate and presumably took his place at the Citadel. It is difficult to determine whether any of these identities are used by the same Faceless Man.

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