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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by rezznor
book 3 was my favorite as well. the event you are talking about just happens out of the only know it was coming if you are paying careful attention but even if you had a clue it was still shocking.

1 more week till book 5!

I honestly did expect it because of this line: "Some battles are won with pens instead of swords." Or something along the lines of that.

I pretty much knew what he was talking about but it was still tough to see the plan come to life.

Honestly I can't even seem to figure out what happens now. Theres no hope left....Unless that letter that Robb said he was going to send to the Wall gets to Jon and he obeys what was written.

It would be awesome to see Jon Snow lead the North to victory and sit the Iron Throne. At least with him on the throne there is king who knows how serious a threat Mance Rayder is.
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