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Smush or Sasha will leave. Include them in a trade package with Chris Mihm and Aaron McKie.

Sasha can play either guard position and Kobe can move to the 3 at certain times during a game.

I believe there is a place for Marcus Banks, but since we have Farmar, do we really need a point guard with similar skills? Assuming Smush is the odd man out, we have:

PG: Banks, Farmar, Sasha
SG: Kobe, Sasha, Evans
SF: Lamar, Kobe, Evans, Walton

That gives us 7 players to play the perimeter positions and 5 bigs to make up the 12 man roster. Of course, this leaves no room for Devean George, who should not be brought back or Kareem Rush, who was a speculation signing.
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