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Default Re: Video: Lakers rookie Ater Majok (No.58 pick) plays at Rucker Park

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I agree. I always bring it up, but it was fun seeing Mike Dunleavy Jr. play an EBC game on ESPN back in the early 2000's. I probably remember him doing better than he actually did, but it was just crazy to realize this normal NBA rookie was actually about 6'10'' and could rain from 30 (in addition to blocking shots at Rucker and dunking).

It's cool to see how much better, faster, stronger the average NBA player is..

We had Orien Greene playing for Amsterdam a few years back and he didnt fit in with the team really.. Didnt even start I believe. But still, he was just so much more gifted and skilled than most players. Fun stuff to see.
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