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Default Best War Films of All-Time

1) Platoon

Now, I expect arguments on this one, namely for "Saving Private Ryan." The reason I tend to dispel these are that had Oliver Stone had the special effects and the budget ($2 million was spent making "Platoon," $70,000,000 to make "SPR"), many, many more people would be singing a different tune. It's clear to be which was a more groundbreaking movie and a deeper look into the psyche during a time of war. Chris Taylor's solilioquies in the Vietnam film have yet to be matched - by any war film. Charlie Sheen's narration is flawless.

When "Platoon" was made, people were still desperately trying to put the war in Vietnam behind them. What it did was open the eyes to the American experience in that foreign country - the heat, the jungles, the utter senselessness of it. Add in the fantastic performance of Berenger as Barnes, and it totals the greatest war movie ever made. Oscar for Best Picture (1986).

2) Band of Brothers

Of course we all know this isn't a movie, but a ten-part series. I rate this just behind "Platoon" and ahead of "Saving Private Ryan" because of it's unflinching view of the war. We get to know each of the men; it feels like we're actually there. We actually become attached to them. The attention to detail is painstaking. You can tell real time and effort went in to making this the absolute best production it could be. And don't tell me the interviews with the real life guys at the beginning don't get to you.

3) Saving Private Ryan

No explanation needed. I've already explained why I put the first two above this.

What about for you?
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