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Default Re: Free agent J-Rich wants a championship ring

JRich is too erratic with his jumper. the good thing is he can play big for a SG and can score around the paint too, and also can play SF, but i'd rather take a lot of the other FA's out there. Rip in particular if i'm the Bulls, they could reallly use a veteran leader with championship experience and Rip isn't the type that handles losing well at all. i also think Tayshaun is the most underrated player of the FA's if he doesn't re-sign with Detroit, he's like todays version of Pippen. just gets no credit playing for a rebuilding Detroit team. i would've liked to even see JR or Mayo over JRich. JRich looked pretty good with the Sun's this past year, but when he went to Orlando i thought he sucked.
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