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Default Re: Favourite episodes of your favourite shows

Originally Posted by Darsh
my favourite south park episode was the "Something Wall-Mart this way comes" episode. The town becomes addicted to wal-mart because of its low prices, in particular randy marsh.

Cartman: Dude, check it out! "Time Cop" on DVD. Three copies for eighteen bucks!
Kyle: Why the hell would you want three copies of the same movie?
Cartman: Because one copy is nine ninety-eight! But this way you save like twenty bucks!
Kyle: You only need one copy, retard!
Cartman: Okay, fine, dumb ass, YOU go ahead and buy one copy for nine ninety-eight!
Kyle: Okay, fine, I will! (grabs a copy) Huh, wait a minute! I don't even want ONE copy of Time Cop! (puts it back)
Cartman: Dude, you can't shop for crap.

hahaha, that one is hilarious..

I love all south park episodes, i especially like Make Love not Warcraft..the expression on the guys face when he loses is priceless.
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