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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

I have them like this.

2006 Kobe>2006 Wade
2006 Kobe>2009 Wade
2009 Wade>2009 Kobe(though it's very close)
2009 Kobe>2006 Wade

Originally Posted by Jacks3
06 Kobe could have very easily averaged 35 PPG against that Suns team, but the Lakers would have lost in 4-5 games. He completely changed his style and became more of a play-maker/passer to take advantage of the Suns interior D and it nearly worked. Lakers were a rebound away from winning that series. It wasn't a sub-par series at all.

Agreed and he came through with a big scoring game to nearly end it in game 6. Almost closed out the team with 50. He carried the team out of necessity and when he finally had another player playing like a borderline all-star in the second half(Odom), the Lakers were on pace for over 50 wins. But in the first half, Odom was his usual inconsistent self and after Kobe and Odom, the Lakers didn't have much. Smush Parker and Chris Mihm were pretty much it, and Mihm got injured and only played 13 games in the second half.
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