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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

Originally Posted by IGOTGAME
Kobe was a lot better in 05-06 than he was in 09. The difference was the cast and role he had to play. No one put Wade even in the conversation with Kobe in '06. It is revisionist history to pretend they were on the same level. Wade had a great series in the finals and people pretend he was better than he was for the entire season. Wade was a limited player in '06.

this is even before we put in there defensive capabilities.
Of course no was going to put him in the conversation Kobe was in his prime had already won 3 rings and was hyped up as the next Jordan. Wade on the other hand was in his 3rd year and was a player no one really cared about. I don't think anybody at the time really compared the two.
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