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Default Re: Free agent J-Rich wants a championship ring

Originally Posted by ThaSwagg3r
Chicago is the perfect spot for him. He can play and move without the ball and can shoot and score the ball which is everything the Bulls need in a two-guard. He is a mediocre defender, but that is okay considering how many great defenders they already have on that team. The Bulls need to make improvements on their offense right now.

It is his best bet. No other championship contender really needs a two-guard the most.

He's pretty solid on defense actually; up there in the top 10 for his position. Wade, Bryant, Iggy, Manu, Tony Allen (doesn't do anything else) are the only guys who are on a higher plane than Richardson defensively. He's definitely in that tier below those guys.

He's not making up for Rose, or shutting anyone down, but verry solid at his position. Especially for someone who also pours in 15+ points.
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