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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

They have one of the best front courts in the league.

They do? Millsap and Jefferson didn't work together. What else do they have? AK who appears ready to bolt to Europe. A couple nice unproven prospects and a one dimensional and overpaid Okur who still has to show he can even get on the court. He's an expiring contract and nothing more right now. Fessenko should be done now with the two kids in place.

They won't be the worst in the league, especially if the young guys improve at all.

Based on how they finished last year they very well could be. What have they done to improve their situation? They got younger. That usually isn't the way you get better. The young guys will improve but they got even younger.

I was obviously talking about Jefferson and Harris when I said 2 best. That is up for debate

There's no debate as far as I'm concerned. Millsap is their best player far and away. All I've heard is how great Jefferson's post moves are and despite that Millsap was the far more effective offensive player despite not getting the touches that Jefferson did. Harris is on the downside of his career it appears and even Jefferson at 25 seems to have played his best ball. Millsap continues to improve. Put him next to a defensive center and watch him go.

Fesenko is factually a very good defender, sorry.

No C?

He's the definition of stiff. He's not an NBA player. They have no center until someone proves otherwise. Maybe Favors or Kanter will? Jefferson, Okur, the stiff and a couple unproven prospects=no center in my book. Haven't had one since Tag and they weren't smart enough to even realize what they had there.
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