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Default Re: 06,09 Wade vs Kobe

My list:
06 Kobe>06 Wade
06 Kobe>09 Wade
09 Kobe<09 Wade
09 Kobe>06 Wade

And everyone saying their situations in 09 and 06 are totally comparable needs to stop kidding themselves. They had equal shitty supporting casts except the Lakers played in the much, much stronger west, and the Heat played in the weaker east. The Lakers had to play the 1 seed in a seven game series[and up until that point in history, no team had EVER won as an 8 seed in a seven game series].. and they lost despite Kobe playing brilliantly. The Heat on the other hand, played the fvcking hawks. The suns were a FAR better team than the hawks and it's not even close. You give Kobe the hawks in the first round and he easily drags his team past them[as he came within a hair of upsetting a much better team].. something Wade could not do despite how good he was all season long in 09.
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