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Default Re: Favourite episodes of your favourite shows

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

When Will and Carlton trick Jeffery into thinking he won the lottery by videotaping and old drawing and pretending it was the actual one when jeffery has the winning number... jeffery goes bonkers and start wyldin out..

Will and Carlton were playing some stripping game with these two women. They are in their underwear and can't get out because this 7 foot black guy is there. So Will cracks the guy in the face and it doesn't phase him, so they climb out the window. The guy gets stuck and Will says "Get back inside, you're stretching the building" LMAO. Another classic moment.


the one where bruh man borrows the Walkman and its turns into a scene from New Jack City ...Also the one where Gina plays Juliett and Martin plays Homeo in a play
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