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Default Re: Heat to chase Sam Dalembert, Shane Battier

Originally Posted by QuebecBaller
Dalembert will ask for more than MLE... I'm not sure the Heat can afford him

He can ask for it, but who will give it to him?

Kings- "Would like to keep him", but have Cousins obviously
Pacers - Hibbert is their man
Wizards - Will have around 7-8 million. Also have McGee
Clippers - Jordan/Kaman, also their clearly need a SF.
Nets - Brook Lopez is their guy, they need their space to sign a 2nd option type guy at least in order to keep DWill.
Thunder - Perkins/Ibaka etc
Raptors - Bargnani/Valanciunas etc

Basically the only teams in a position to make an offer exceeding the MLE to Dalembert are the Kings, the Wizards and the Pacers. These teams all have legitimate starting C's better than Dalembert. They also all are young teams who are focused on development. Will they break the bank to sign a 30yo starting center to a 24+ million dollar deal?

Not going to happen.
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