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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

The people who didn't fit together were Sloan and Jefferson. He was unwilling to feed the ball to a guy who in all likelyhood wouldn't be able to make a great pass that Sloan needed to run his system.

Criticizing the legend! Unheard of. Deron called the plays but yeah getting Jefferson with Millsap already there made little sense from the get go.

So which front courts are better? Millsap is a 17-8 guy with really great defense and Jefferson was 22-11 after Sloan left.

But neither one is a center. I'll take any frontcourt with an actual defensive center rather he is a 22 11 guy anyday like Jordon and Griffin for example in LA off the top of my head. not To mention Kaman off the bench!

Then they have one of the best backups in Favors, who is already proven to be a great rebounder and defender. Kanter could be great or terrible, I don't know much about him, but either way that's undeniably one of the best front courts in the league

Can they stop anyone from getting to the rim and stay out of each others way and mesh together?

Not really. They got 2 new draft picks is all, I wouldn't call that getting younger since they probably will be bench players this year anyway. And last year they finished with injuries, and a new coach.

They did get younger and Burks could certainly be starting and maybe even Kanter. They will probably both be a big part of the rotation as Jerry isn't the coach anymore.

So this year they won't have injuries or they will be deeper to be able to play through them? They still have a new unproven head coach. Probably the most unqualified lead assistant in the league. Horny will be a good coach but another rookie and apparently not even with a contract and no one else.

Who is going to teach their young bigs the ropes other than their two 25 year old vets? Okur going to show them how to loaf and hang out at the 3 point line?

Jefferson went crazy after the all star break, and pretty much proved he was a lot better scorer then millsap.

Millsap shot a much higher % and is a much more complete player. AJ is Boozer 2.0. Stats, a big contract and not a whole lot else.

Harris should be gotten rid of. I don't like the guy at all, he doesn't bring anything to the table but transition offense.

He's ceratinly not worth the money he makes.
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