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Default Re: Best War Films of All-Time

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Please don't patronize this thread by mentioning films like this.

No one is patronizing anyone in this thread you asked for peopleís opinion on war movies and I gave mine. I even said (Wars not suppose to be a funny topic but add Robin Williams and anything is funny) so if you think Iím making light of war you need to relax I was raised by a retired marine (my Dad) and have a brother who just got back from Iraq & Afghan. I have the utmost respect for the men and women in uniform. I just happen to think Robin Williams is hilarious and watching that movie with my father (who was in Vietnam) brings a smile to my face since he doesnít talk about the war much but watching that movie makes him laugh so hard I swear he going to keel over. Your really want to be patronized OK Star Wars was the best war movie ever. There that is being a total patronizing ass hole now.
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