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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

The Utah Jazz have not had any layoffs as a result of the league’s work stoppage, and there are none planned.

Part of the reason is the organization’s ties to the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, which controls the Jazz, Triple-A Salt Lake Bees and Miller Motorsports Park, among other business entities. Many LHM employees work for multiple enterprises and hold interrelated job titles.

By avoiding layoffs, LHM can keep other sports-related businesses running at full force and be prepared for the 2011-12 NBA season once the league resumes operations.

The lockout is expected to last several months, though, and could wipe out the entire season. If the latter occurs, the Jazz might be forced to re-evaluate their no-layoff stance as the work stoppage drags on.

Utah did not resort to significant layoffs during the 1998-99 lockout, which produced a shortened 50-game season.

Via Brian T. Smith/Salt Lake Tribune

No layoffs but how many in limbo like Horny? He's been working for nothing but I guess since they overpaid him on his last contract at the cost of letting Shandon Anderson go he already got his.
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