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Default Re: Comic-Con: Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Announced

Really? MvC3 is where characters feel most different IMO. MK (still a very good game though) is the game where there is almost no differentiation in fighting styles, size and speed between the characters. But I do agree that the game generally does boil down to rushing down with most characters.

This will be a great game but really, all of this should have already been included in Mv3. There was no reason not to (other than to gouge customers). Mv3, while a good game, was way too bare-bones in terms of features to be worth the full price.

- Nemesis and Vergil are crappy new character choices. With all the games Capcom has, do we really need 4 characters from the Resident Evil series and 3 from DMC? Those spots could have been used on more interesting choices.

- Firebrand is an interesting one though. Demon's Crest was a great game.

- Doctor Strange and Rocket Raccoon are great character choices too.
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