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Default Re: NBA financial information for 2010-11 season

Originally Posted by Kevin_Gamble
Since the players get a set percentage of the revenue, yes, if the overall revenue goes up, player salary will increase. Seems simple enough.

oops, I didn't know it was a fixed percentage. Figured that the percentage was based on players salaries weighed of against the total league income (well it is, but I though the the percentage had risen over the years, wasn't set). I was wrong.
Like I said, I didnt read up on this before now really ..

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
I am not denying that many teams lost money. It's the amount they are claiming that I am suspicious of. Any accountant can show a loss. Accountants were able to show that the first Harry Potter movie actually lost $167 million.

Google "hollywood accounting"

yup. It's possible that some teams aren't even losing money at all and that their balances would show profits if you tweek the numbers a bit (see article).
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