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Default Re: NBA financial information for 2010-11 season

Earlier - and in earlier threads I posted - not necessarily pro-NBA/ownership, but absolutely NBA/ownership sympathetic.

The NBA admits that it made money last year? Then f-the owners for making their sharing problem about the players and costing us a season. This is now the same as the NFL, where the owners were soooo in the wrong.

Moreover, I'm a little embarassed as a Knick fan (never a Dolan fan, but he's my team's owner) because he should share. Lucky enough to have fans that spend money on your product, no matter how lousy it is (even in 10 years of losing times)...go share with Sac, so we can have a season.

that being said, we get rid of the Bobs and the WNBA and we've got no problems.
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