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Default Re: New Coach Ideas?

Originally Posted by BankShot
People are talking shit about possibly having Brown coach the Wolves.... and I simply don't get it.

Do you think Larry Brown would come into this situation without knowing what he's getting himself into?? He must know the roster is full of young players, and the fans want to see more wins.

He's a championship-caliber coach that has won in every stage of the game. As long as he can adapt to what the Wolves need, why wouldn't we want Larry Brown in Minnesota??

Adelman is just as old as Larry Brown.

Larry Brown is not what we need here in Minnesota. This would be the last thing that we need. I just can't see Larry Brown leading this team. To me, he is the worst option for us. He hates playing rookies. He is older than than Adelman, not much but at least Adelman plays rookies. LB would be a huge set back for this program. My money is still on Adelman.
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