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Default Re: Forget Turkey forget NBA. Kobe Bryant has Soccer in his Sights

Originally Posted by StacksOnDeck
You're right. Kobe should sit on a couch and watch TV all day. I'm sure that's gonna help his conditioning. Dumbass. It's a charity soccer game retard.

Wow, dumbass and retard in the same breath. My last post must have really hit you hard to conjure up such vitriol.

The guy has been running himself ragged since 2007, with the Olympics and deep playoff runs, and it's starting to show... so, naturally, opt to play a charity soccer game instead of erring on the side of caution and taking some much needed time off post-surgery. Clearly the soccer game isn't the only issue here. However, in addition to the basketball he's been playing overseas, the knee surgery as recently as last month... it adds up. Or are you convinced your hero can play forever?

Spin it however you want. You act as if this guys propensity for keeping busy (and the detrimental effect that it has had on his body) hasn't been well documented among fans and sports media alike.
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