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Default Re: Fox News Ask Are Hip-Hop and Rap Music Going Out of Style?

You guys have to realize who the source is here. Fox News is notorious for propagating ideas by asking questions that are not open minded and express their views. Then they can get these ideas into the heads of the conservatives who eat the **** up religiously, and they start to try to pull ****. Just look at the questions and how they are worded. They are pushing their agenda there. Very opinionated questions there. Just watch OutFoxed.

But trying to be on topic, I think that a lot of rap these days talks about the same **** and lacks substance. While there are some guys who can flow great, but aren't good at adding meaning to their songs (see The Game's "Doctor's Advocate"). Its all about riches and women and whatnot thrown over a nice beat. Bam! There is a hit. Its unfortunate that hip hop is in the state its in, and I see it taking a similar route that rock took.

If Big and Pac were still alive, things may be different. Perhaps hip hop has been its own worst enemy because of its violent nature killing off two of the best ever.
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