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Default Re: Nintendo 3DS price drop August 12

Originally Posted by LJJ
Criticizing a company for lowering their prices with 40%!! after less than a half year equals system wars? I have never owned a Sony game system in my life!

Yeah really, I see it now, Nintendo isn't burning their hardcore fans here. But at least the hardcore fans get free games! Super Mario Bros! Yoshi's Island! Super Mario Kart! Metroid Fusion! Donkey Kong Jr! Legend of Zelda! All those games hardcore Nintendo fans (the only people who have bought a 3DS up until now) don't already own.
Do you work for a company? They priced the system too high. They corrected it. What did you want them to do? And in return they gave the people who bought it early (clearly the hardcore Nintendo fans) 20 free games. ANd it's not crap, it's things i would want.

This is a business decision in response to lower Forecasted revenue/P&L because they can't push enough units out to get the economies of scale they need to push enough units of their software for either themselves or their partners (they've been pushing 3rd parties hard). Yes, they ****ed up. I don't get what else they could do.

This wasn't a planned price cut, this was a reaction to a low forecast and their stock price going down. Shit happens.
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