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Default Re: Bulls with LaMarcus Aldridge or Thunder with Tyson Chandler?

Tyson Chandler is just a more athletic and mobile version of Kendrick Perkins. Chandler just does everything better but it's not like Perkins was terrible last season.

The Bulls adding Aldridge would be better in my opinion.

Aldridge is a different and much better player than Boozer. He adds more defense and scoring. Boozer is very close to a defensive liability. There were times in the ECF that the Bulls had to take out Boozer just because the Heat were purposely exploiting his pick n roll defense and it worked for Miami. Aldridge is one of the better defenders at that PF position. The only aspect that Boozer is better than Aldridge in is rebounding which is worthless since the Bulls already have a bunch of great rebounders.

Aldridge would have provided the 1st/2nd option scoring that Rose needed in the playoffs. Boozer did his scoring in the regular season but when the playoffs arrived the dude was no where to be found other than that Hawks series.
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