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Default Re: Dwight Howard is back to learning from Hakeem Olajuwon

What I was getting at is....don't know if the training/instruction is specifically tailored to Dwight's bodytype, physical ability, strengths & weaknesses, and MODERN nba defenses.

When I saw him last year..he seemed to be mimicking Dream's moves more than incorporating Dream's training into his own game.

Read once that Dream was actually under 7 feet, and looking at him, he didn't have the freakish wingspan that you associate with nba centers.

What he did have was exceptional (for any position) lateral agility, speed, quickness, and footwork. He was mentored by Moses but he tailored and patterned his moves and game on his OWN strengths and weaknesses. In fact...he's quoted as saying he used to borrow moves from guards

Guy would be a fool to not practice against Dream, but if you think about Dwight's strengths and weaknesses and the fact that zone defenses are legal now in the NBA...I think Dwight could actually help his team more by incorporating some of Ewing's move/game into his repertoire.
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